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Heading 2

I am an artist.  It has taken me several decades to be able to write that.  This is not because I thought I wasn’t talented enough or that I didn’t love art, but because my parents insisted that art was just a hobby.  They would tell me that art is just an activity you do when you have some time on your hands. I no longer agree with them.  I believe that art is part of me and something I must do.  It has to be in my life daily.  

Now what kind of artist am I?  That I don’t have an answer for yet.  I thought I was an abstract sculptor, but I find myself doing realistic sculptures.  I even thought maybe I am an abstract painter, but now I find myself doing realism in my paintings.  I will continue to do art and let the art evolve and hopefully have something to say with my art.  I do know one thing…. I am an artist.


Member of Rockwall Art League

Member of Texas Artists Coalition

Member of The MAC Professionals + Artists Collective

Member of Visual Arts League of Allen